Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh, those blue eyes...

... they captured my heart for sure! We pulled up at Prince Caspian's foster home and he was waiting! His foster Mommy was holding him where we could see him through the glass storm door. Whew! Emotions just came like a flood...

It had been a very busy day around our place. Budding Author and I were deep in study of the Trojan War and insect body parts. The morning included many Spelling words and review for Budding Author's first math test of the year. Preparations to take Little Boy Blue to a sitter filled my head. I really did not even have the time to emotionally prepare for our meeting with Prince Caspian until we jumped in the car for our 2-hour trek to his foster home.

I did get dressed in my 'uniform' (faded jeans and a white t-shirt) and we proceeded to stop at Whataburger to pick up to-go burgers. Guess what? Within 10 minutes I had spilled mustard on my shirt in 2 places! To those of you who know me well, this comes as no surprise. Hubby was wearing a long-sleeved shirt (in late August, in Texas!) because his short-sleeved shirts were dirty! (How can that be? It sure feels like I'm constantly doing laundry!) So, we laughed heartily at ourselves. Gratefully, we arrived early and were able to pick up new shirts and toys for Prince Caspian.

No amount of emotional thought would have prepared me for this beautiful little one. Nothing in my wildest dreams would allow me to believe that we could love him so deeply upon sight. Amazing.

We loved on him, played ball with him, held his hands while he toddled all over the house, kissed him, met most of his foster family and made plans for his transition to our home. His foster family has 5 biological children, ages 22 to 4. They normally foster 2 children at a time; their other foster child was recently adopted. This is their calling... and I love his foster Mommy. She ranks right up there on my list of personal heroes!

We took many pictures and, begrudgingly, left to head back home. We barely pulled in the driveway when Budding Author and Little Mommy came running out the front door yelling "show us the pictures, we want to see Prince Caspian." That just filled my heart with joy! They are SO excited. It is not everyday that you gain a little brother for keeps!

So, here is the plan... Saturday we will all go to spend a few hours with him. We can take him to the zoo, or just to play somewhere and then to dinner. We will spend the night close to his foster home. Then Sunday we will bring him home for an overnight visit. We will have to take him back to his foster home on Monday. On Wednesday, CPS will bring him to our home to stay!!

We are planning a big family party for Wednesday. Budding Author and Little Mommy are staying home from school, we are getting balloons and making 'Welcome Home' signs. Maybe some cupcakes are in order!! And then, that afternoon, Prince Caspian will meet his grandparents. Of course, our home bible study group starts up that night at our house! We look forward to introducing him to all of our friends!! It will be a beautifully special day!!

Praise God for small miracles!


gracie :) said...

Wow. Tears have come to my eyes. A longing fulfilled. And how thrilling that your children are so excited!! Wednesday...that's just a few days away. How incredible. I am in awe of how God is putting your family together.

I have an idea. I have already turned my comments on to the "moderate" mode. That way, whatever comes through is for my eyes only, you could send your email address, and then I will "reject" your comment. :)I must say I've been dying to be able to communicate with you personally. These blog comments just don't cut it! I've loved finding a "kindred spirit" on this journey and I look forward to getting to know you better. Hope this will work for you!

gracie :) said...

Another option. I just set up a Gmail account and posted it on our sidebar. You can reach me there! That will simplify things and you won't have to worry whether your comment might go through by accident. Look forward to hearing from you!

christy said...

This sounds so incredible. I know you are elated! I can only imagine what you are feeling right now.
Thanks so much for sharing. I'm excited to hear more stories as the day that you have been waiting for draws near.

May God bless your family,
Christy :)