Monday, August 13, 2007

Coming Up for Air...

I have a brand-new appreciation for Moms with 5 or more kiddos. How do you do it?? It has been a fun-filled, loud, exciting, loud, playful, loud few days. And we have a few more to go. Our kids have had built-in playmates... which accounts for the volume. The only problem - how to bring the decibels down when Little Boy Blue is sleeping??

We anxiously await a date for our 'presentation meeting' for Prince Caspian... what is the 'presentation meeting?' It is a pow-wow between hubby and me, all of the CPS and agency caseworkers, lawyers and Prince Caspian's foster Mommy. We will discuss everything known about Prince Caspian and his family. Then we will establish the transition to our home. Much excitement exists around here! Kids are drawing pictures, with an added stick figure, of course. I'm trying to make a book of our home & family for his foster Mom to read to him.

There are so many loose ends to tie up; so many things to purchase. And, to top it off, I'm nesting. Yes, it happens even to an adoptive Mommy. Here's the problem... there is no way to get this house organized by the time he arrives. Three years of junk can't be undone in under 2 weeks!

For those of you who are interested, here is the information we can share on Prince Caspian. He is 13 months old, 28 lbs., 2 1/2 ft tall, rolled over at 5 months, army crawled at 7 months, fully crawled at 11 months and is navigating furniture very well. He is learning to talk and eats well. He is described as a 'mild-mannered baby' who is redirected by saying no... I love that! He has 7 half-siblings.

That's all for today... my computer is giving me fits and it is excruciating trying to get a post completed! Thank goodness, help is on the way... my hubby ordered me a new Dell computer! Yeeehaaa!

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