Friday, August 24, 2007

A Friday to Remember

With all of the grief I've given to Fridays in the past, I'd like to offer a hand of reconciliation to that day of the week :). Today has been an exciting day. Yesterday, we had our meeting with CPS and heard about Prince Caspian's daily life, his personality, etc. He was described by his foster Mommy as a happy, laughing, independent almost 14-month old. Today, we bask in the joy of knowing that this one is ours... for keeps!

Budding Author's response to it all was, 'Yes! This is awesome!'... Little Mommy is much more subdued, 'When do I get to meet him?' All in all, we are ecstatic to add another permanent member to our family. Our kiddos have been such troopers, hanging in right there with us on this foster journey. And, they are rewarded with a baby brother!

We will get to see a picture of him early next week... isn't that interesting - we still have not laid eyes on the child. My first glance at him, in person, will be next Friday or Saturday!! Anticipation! My son! WOW!

We went to our local library's book sale this afternoon and picked up a special toy for baby Prince Caspian. Tomorrow will be a day of shopping for 'stuff.' Yipeeeee. I feel like a kid in a candy store... Oh! And did I tell you he will have our last name from the first day he is placed? We are giving him a completely new name (I will certainly post on the whys of that at a later date)... but legally, he will only have our last name until early March 2008 when we can offically adopt him!!

Blue bubblegum cigars should be on the to-buy list for tomorrow :)...

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