Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Little of This & That

* I'm looking out my kitchen window and let me describe to you what I see... Two happy blond-headed kiddos sitting in our mimosa tree; each with a old cell phone cradled between their shoulder & ear. Now, if that isn't the picture of 'cityfied' country folk!

* Last night, hubby and I watched the movie "Antwone Fisher." Anyone see that one at the theaters? We watched it for training hours for our CPS license. It starred Denzel Washington and Derek Luke. The movie was based on the true story of a young man abandoned by his family and then ultimately placed in a horrible foster home setting. The triumph over adversity was beautiful and moving. Words fail me when I think of his story. In the end, he found his deceased father's family and was welcomed with open arms. Until that point, he was a searching, angry young man.

I cannot help but think of Little Boy Blue and his future. If he grows up without his biological Mom & Dad, will he have an emptiness that only knowing them can fill? Someone I love dearly doesn't know one of their biological parents... I cannot imagine the feelings, the ups and downs, the dreams. This I can say - we will never withhold information about our future adoptive child's biological parents. If he or she wants to locate his or her family of origin, when old enough to make a mature decision, we will help in any way we can.

* On a different note, I handled my last court case yesterday. My decision relating to lawyering has come down to this... I will only take referrals from friends and existing clients, that is all. I will not handle probate or guardianship court-appointments for at least a year. It is a freedom, a resolution and a peace. The great thing about this profession is the portability - as long as I'm in Texas, I can begin again full-force, if necessary. Thanks to those of you who have offered great insight the past few months.

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