Monday, August 6, 2007

Little Boy Blue Has An Attorney...

... and she is really advocating for his best interest! We are so pleased. She came out to our home today and visited with Little Boy Blue. He was charming. She originally met him when he was newborn and knows a great deal about his birth experience.

Honestly, the fact that he has an attorney thrills me. While our legal system is not perfect, it is the best out there. Plus, someone in this ballgame needs to really be watching out for the little one. CPS has an ultimate goal of reunification. His attorney may have a different take.

When a child is placed in CPS custody, they are appointed an Attorney Ad Litem. They are also appointed a Guardian Ad Litem (sometimes known as a CASA worker). In Little Boy Blue's case, his Attorney Ad Litem is also his Guardian Ad Litem. Her job is to represent Little Boy Blue. Since he cannot speak for himself, she will speak for him.

She toured our home, explained her knowledge of the case and gave us an overview of her role. She is a mother, too. And, most importantly, she is no-nonsense. She is not going to allow Little Boy Blue to be placed in a dangerous situation. Praise God! Nor is she going to make it harder than it has to be for Little Boy Blue's Mommy to work her 'plan.' We rest easier tonight knowing that she is on Little Boy Blue's team.

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