Thursday, August 9, 2007

My New Friends

It has been a privilege to meet several Christian foster parents who somehow find their way to our blog. Today, I'd like for you to meet them, too.

First, Steve & Christy are early in their journey, but have set up a blog called Love Each Child. They seem like wonderful people; I only wish we lived closer so we could actually meet them. There is a link on their blog to a moving video put together by the Dave Thomas Foundation.

Second, just today we 'met' another couple who is in the thick of it. You really need to visit For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven and take a peek at the most precious wee one that is their care. And, especially poignant to me, is the poem. If you scroll down to 'A Foster Parent's Dilemma' on April 19, 2007, you can read it for yourself. It so speaks to my heart... and also accurately describes the true dilemma I find myself in daily. I love and I wait... and I struggle to understand the whys.

There have been several other foster parents who have posted comments. For some reason, I've been unable to connect to their blogs. So, if you are reading this and have posted a comment about being a foster parent, I would love to hear your story. Please post again with a link to your blog and I will navigate my non-techie self in that direction.


renae gregoire said...

Hello! Thank you for sharing the links of your two new friends :) I visited their blogs and said hello. But then I wondered...did I ever say hello to you?!? If not, please forgive my lurking for so long! I'm Renae, near Asheville, North Carolina. My husband and I are exploring the possibilities of becoming foster parents ... so I have been reading your blog with much interest :) Thank you for sharing...your journey has inspired me! :)

Steve Sensenig said...

Sorry I'm so late getting to this (been behind on my blog reading lately), but thank you for the warm comments and the link! :)

I love reading your updates, and I hope we'll have some kind of information to update on soon. We're just waiting to hear that our licensing is complete.

steve :)