Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How to Say Thank You?

As I impatiently wait for tomorrow to arrive, someone comes to mind that I have all but forgotten. How can I possibly forget the feelings of someone in whose shoes I've walked? Prince Caspian's foster Mommy.

What is she feeling as she helps him prepare for a new life with another family? Even though his foster family is not an adoptive family (they have many biological children and feel called to fostering only), there still has to be some feeling of sadness. This woman has raised our soon-to-be son for a year! She has comforted him while he cried, fed him his first bites of baby food and held his hand as he took his first steps. How can I begin to thank her?

We want to do something special for her... yet I'm perplexed at what might be appropriate and meaningful. Any ideas?


Lisa said...

I am so excited for you and your Strapping Scotsman! I still remember praying with you for your first and God's grace with the pregnancy of Budding Author - then the double blessing of Little Mommy. Now Prince Caspian in a different way, yet still God's miraculous provision. I love the words God gives you as you share with us - your explanation of emotions and the joy of anticipation of your new son jump out at me on the screen. What a privilege it is for me to get to share in your journey through your postings. I can't wait to meet your new addition and I'll be praying and thinking about you tomorrow.
Love you lots, Lisa

gracie :) said...

I'm awaiting with expectation to hear how your visit went! But until then, I've been giving your question some thought.

I think it would depend on the type of person she is. I imagine you would be able to tell in a couple of meeting what she might be like. Is she the sentimental type? Perhaps something such as a special necklace or bracelet as a reminder of the investment she made into Prince Caspian's life. Or is she more practical? Maybe a really nice letter explaining your gratefulness to her, or a poem, since you have that talent! Probably in either case, you could put together a small photo album after he has been with your family for a couple of months, showing his happiness in his new home.

I appreciate you bringing this up. Our little guy's previous foster parents are dear friends of our from church, but I still haven't taken the time to put together some special token of gratitude for them. It was their obedience to the Lord's leading to become foster parents that opened up the opportunity for Little Buddy to be a part of our lives. And we are very grateful!