Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Day After Tomorrow...

... he will no longer be a stranger. We will look in his eyes and, prayerfully, communicate the depth of love we already have for him. We will watch, with anticipation, as he walks on wobbly feet around his foster home. We will hold him, laugh and play with him for as long as we are able.

This first visit with Prince Caspian is just for hubby and me. Our kids will join us this weekend when we have an 'outing' with him at the zoo. Then we will have to return him to his foster home. A few days later, we will pick him up for an overnight, after which, the adoption paperwork will be signed and the 6-month clock will begin ticking.

We are almost ready here at our house... 2nd crib is up, 2nd high chair in place and a few appropriate toys scattered here and there. Really, the major things are taken care of. Everything else will fall into place.

He is ours! Words truly fail me now... at the core, the only thing I know for sure is gratitude. Thank you, Lord, for the way we love this child we have never even seen a picture of... This no-picture concept is so foreign to most people I talk to; it was foreign to me. Yet, now it seems the most natural, 'right' thing. It is as natural and right as giving birth to a child whose face you haven't seen, but you've loved with all of your heart for 9 months.

The crazy thing about all of this is that life continues around us... we have kids in school 3 days per week, school-at-home days 2 days per week, piano lessons, bible study, Little Boy Blue's visitation and all of the other commitments of our days. Also, I just found out today that my Mom will have gallbladder surgery in 2 weeks. I cannot participate in her recovery like I would want to do...

Bottom line, I don't have a maternity leave from life when Prince Caspian arrives. He will immediately join the hustle and bustle of our days... and I hope he is fascinated by it all and wants to stay!

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gracie :) said...

Waiting to see this journey unfold before you. How exciting to be embarking on such an adventure! I know there are many emotions that must be going along with all of this, and I hope you will have peace as you experience each one. May God's presence go before you to this visit tomorrow and prepare the way for this small one to enter your hearts and for you to enter his.