Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And the Bud Emerges...

Here I continue with my seed/plant/flower theme that began in my original post... see below.

The Waits house was officially licensed with CPS through Covenant Kids on February 14, 2007. Yes, St. Valentine's Day. Appropriate, yes. Coincidence, who knows. We tend to think not. Since this entire journey is all about love; God's love for all of humanity, we think it is such a fitting date.

Our hearts were simply elated with imaginings. We drove back from Arlington to our little country 'farm' with daydreams galore. Every now and then we would look at one another in the car and say 'can you believe it?' or 'is it really happening?' You see, to us the wait was endless. But to God, the timing was impeccable.

Indulge me for a moment while I digress. In December of 2006, our children began praying for God to 'keep the baby safe.' Alex & would laugh - we didn't think we were even going to get a baby. We had asked for a child under 3 - to keep the birth order of our children intact. We thought the 'baby prayers' would pass - but they kept on, at every meal, at bedtime, praying on the way to school, prayer in Aidan's class.

Our expectations were for a toddler of some sort... However, our precious children knew better. Their prayers continued - despite our chuckles and whispers under our breath about how they were going to be so disappointed, etc. Ha! Out of the mouths of babes.

Now back to the post... On February 16, 2007, I awoke to a beautifully orchestrated migraine. Of course, the Imitrex was gone. I settled for an antiquated substitute, my husband's old fashioned migraine medicine; one of the originals from the 70's. Dear me! The day was off to a super start!

Around 10:00 a.m., Covenant Kids called... a precious baby boy had been taken to a fire station in Tarrant County. Come to find out, his umbilical cord was still attached. They were calling to ask US if we wanted this baby!?!? Holy cow! Only 2 days after our licensure!! We quickly said 'Absolutely, where do we pick him up?' However, little did we realize that CPS worked much differently. They decide who, what, when, where, why and how! We were 100% NOT in control of this. (I can hear the chuckles right now from those who know me and my difficulty in relinquishing control of any sort.)

So, once again, we were to wait... In the course of 2 hours, we had named this child, bought imaginary clothes for him, figured out how to tell the kids, started saving for his college tuition. No, really, we were pscyhed.

I talked with my Dad and explained the opportunity. He laughed - a great laugh. On the other line, Covenant Kids called back. We had not been chosen due to our far distance from Tarrant County (over 90 miles). OK... talk about a deflated balloon.

The migraine medicine was at a peak and I was on some type of rollercoaster. Alex left the house to run an errand, saddened by the on-again-off-again status of 'our' baby boy.

Around 2:00 p.m. The phone rings again... it is Covenant Kids. A beautiful baby girl, approximately 2-months old was found in Dallas. Sketchy background... were we interested? I said a hesitant yes and asked a gazillion questions - assuming, of course that Alex was a complete go on this. Covenant Kids said 'We'll call you back when we know if you will get to be her foster parents.' I called Alex immediately. My sweet husband was still in shock from not getting the baby boy we had created in our daydreams just a few hours before.

Still the migraine reared an ugly head on and off. The afternoon waned, no call. In my mind, another 'no.' We do, after all, live in the boonies. And guess what kind of people live in the boonies; axe murderers and meth addicts. Who cares about the home study and the references and, for heaven's sake, every other hoop we had jumped through smiling!

And then, around a quarter to 6, I get a call from a Covenant Kids caseworker asking 'I'm on FM 3133 (our road), now where exactly do you turn?' 'Huh??? Are you coming for another home study? ' Gently, the caseworker replied, "No, Mrs. Waits, the baby girl is on her way." Ahhhhh!

OK... picture this. A woman who has not brushed her hair all day, no shower, jeans and an old gap sweatshirt, pounding headache, no make-up... running from one end of the house to the other yelling 'A baby is coming, a baby is coming!' I didn't even bother to pick up the strewn clothing items!!

To our kids, it was the most natural thing could've been said on a Friday night. I laugh now... how did I get such resilient children? There must have been a mix-up at the hospital - BOTH TIMES! They are not the fruit of my womb... me, the loony, plan-my-life-out-to-a-tee woman who drives my extended family bonkers! And, my kids, ready for 'THE baby' that has been in their mind, hearts and prayers for months!!! They didn't care if it was our 'forever baby' or our 'temporary baby.' It was 'the baby.'

She came through our front door, carried in a blue car seat. The CPS worker told us she had slept the entire way up Hwy 75, except for a quick bottle stop. OH MY GOODNESS! The absolute love that swept over me for this little, helpless munchkin nearly knocked me over. I was smitten.

It was as if I watched the entire situation from the second floor balcony... My beautiful children just staring and gasping and sqealing in delight. My husband smiling as if he had just laid his beautiful eyes on a treasure of great worth. A tiny bundle of warmth.

And then, the mother in me kicked in... like riding a bicycle. God is good! My headache disappeared, my wrinkled clothes didn't matter, my dirty house could've been in Kansas for all I cared. This baby, this beautiful baby! And, for heaven's sake, she needed to eat!!

The paperwork was a blur. Thankfully, my husband was, as usual, our God-given rock. He signed everything (we became her legal custodians and medical consenters) and did it all with a smile, even though I know he was exhausted from a day of Mr. Mommying it while I stayed in bed with a heating pad on my head.

And so I fed her. A simple act for a mother... even a foster mother.