Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Quiet Peace

It is a quiet Sunday. Quiet, yet lovely. I look out upon the beautiful sunshine dappling our woods and wonder what the upcoming week holds in store for our family. Will the call come? Or will we celebrate Budding Author's 7th birthday and a dear friend's wedding with the original 4?

Yesterday, I dropped off the tiny duo with whom we shared the last 3 days. Caring for these 2 was just what we needed. Our family was able to see the precious faces of 2 other children. Our hearts were able to love another child. That may sound very funny to you… even ridiculous. But, the truth is, we have doubted our ability to love another after the depth of emotion we felt for our first foster baby girl.

I watched my husband's face staring at these 2 we've had for respite care. I was relieved to see the same intensity, the same depth, the same love. Thank you, God. Thank you for allowing flawed people the ability to let Your love flow through us. It is all You. You fulfill Your promise to be a Father to the fatherless; and yet You allow us to participate in our small ways. Incredible.

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