Monday, June 18, 2007

We LOVE Little Boy Blue...

Oh dear! We love him! We really love him!

It seems like Little Boy Blue is getting more and more comfortable with us and our ways. He arrived with a great deal of stiffness and rigidity in his body. This is very common for babies who were exposed to drugs in utero (more on this topic later in the week as I try to answer the 'Big Questions'). He has relaxed quite a bit today. We were trained in all of the exercises to help a baby relax and become more limber and will continue with him, just as we did with Baby Girl.

It is delightful to watch a baby study new faces, experience new things and then, ultimately, develop a sense of comfort. We pray that our home feels safe and secure to him. May he feel deeply the love that surrounds him.

And may we not hold back, even though our hearts want so desperately for him to be ours. Yes, love takes root oh so quickly!

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