Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Planning for Snakes, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Friday morning a bundle wrapped in blue will arrive at our door! We just found out that we were selected as foster-to-adopt parents for a 2-month old baby boy. We have had 5 calls in the last 24 hours about 5 different children under 3 - our physical location has proven to be a stumbling block for some CPS placements.

Now, where do I begin preparations for our new one? We have zero baby boy clothing. We have 4 garbage bags full of baby girl clothes. But, you know what? We had zero girl clothes the night Baby Girl arrived. And just look how God provided...

I started to dig out the bottles only to find that I forgot where I put them away when Baby Girl left... or did I send them all with her?? or is it possible that I could have thown them in the garbage?? Yes, it has happened before. My mind is truly heading skyward.

Tonight I went to the office for a new client meeting and wondered why no one arrived. I called the client and she said "our meeeting is on the 14th." Stubbornly, I said "but today is the 14th!" Foot in mouth... this entire day, I've been operating as if it were June 14th! And even worse, I cannot meet them tomorrow night because we have mandatory CPS training. Where are my brain cells? Don't you want to hire me to represent you??

I have overscheduled my poor family this summer... we need a 'nothing week.' It's not looking like a reality until July.

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