Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Drama That Is Foster Care

We had a super morning playing with dear friends and their children. I think we counted 14 children in all from 5 families. This is a neat opportunity for us every Thursday morning...

And then I walk in the door and the news hits... Little Boy Blue will have visitation starting tomorrow with his Great-grandmother and his Mother!! We knew that his Great-grandmother would see him every few weeks. However, we understood that his Mother was in a facility to work out her challenges. We were told that if she left that facility before the end of the program, that her parental rights would be terminated. I cannot go into any additional detail about her situation; however, we are sufficiently frustrated and confused.

But, I remind myself, this is the system within which we've agreed to operate. We are playing by rules that someone else has created. We do not agree with many of the rules... but that does not change our commitment to the individual children in our home.

Please hold Little Boy Blue and his Mother in your prayers tomorrow morning. May he feel his mother's love and give her many of his gummy, dimpled smiles. And may God's grace, that is sufficient for any one of us, be his Mother's to claim for herself. Amen.

My friends had great words of wisdom regarding my earlier post about work. One friend put it succinctly... 'As women, we can have it all, just not all at once.' This really is the truth. I am blessed to have friends who really reach me. My stubbornness gives way to reality with the words of people who care...

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Clay W. Ginn said...

Thanks for your comments earlier on my post. We'll be praying for your family. I really can't imagine what it must be like.