Friday, June 29, 2007

Small Miracles

Little Boy Blue's visit was only 1 hour... but the planning and transport was 4 hours. He is from Denton County and CPS sends a case aide to pick him up and then bring him back. There are several reasons for this; privacy for the foster family, travel expense for the foster family and CPS control that the child will be present for visitation.

He came home with 3 new blankets and a stuffed cookie monster from his Mommy! He was exhausted and very mellow. I do not pretend to know what goes on in the mind of a 3 month old who has probably not seen his Mommy since birth. I'm sure the bond is there 3 months later... I'm just sure it is!

As for me, I am thankful tonight that we have the very best caseworker at CPS. She called this morning and patiently allowed me to ask every single question. I guess interrogation is the word that comes to mind. For those of you that know me well, you know I can be intense with questions... and I don't tend to recognize social cues on when to stop asking!

She is experienced, court-savvy and has been down the involuntary termination road many times. She is the antithesis of our previous CPS worker.

As information junkies, we are considering our caseworker and her willingness to provide the information we thrive on a small miracle. Wouldn't it be awesome if the next child that comes to our home could also have her as a caseworker!! Highly unlikely, yet we never cease to hope.

Tomorrow I get to attend an 8-hour training on Behavior Management to keep our license updated. Hubby gets to enjoy the Tremendous Trio all alone! Lucky man!!

Have a superb weekend. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement today... we are uplifted and grateful!!

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