Thursday, June 28, 2007

To Work or Not To Work

I keep telling friends and family that 'I'm not taking any new clients' or 'I've got to slow down life for our family.' Why then, have I taken on 2 new clients in 7 days?

My small-town legal practice is just that... part-time, typically easy-going clients, etc. However, my commitments to these individuals cannot be laid back and lackadaisical.

So far, I've been able to keep up with the workload. My dear Mom comes to help with all of our children once per week. It is amazing the amount of work that one can cram into two hours of uninterrupted time. Yesterday, I had help from a sweet neighbor teen. But the primary reason I'm able to keep up with the work is the fact that my hubby works from home. This may soon change ...

My husband has a great job opportunity that is presenting itself which would take him to an office about 20 miles away each morning. We are spoiled. We have lunch with him every day. He is actively involved with education, diaper changing, etc. And, he can watch kiddos in a pinch if I have to go to court or to a new client meeting.

So, what does one do? My work has been a surprise blessing these past few years. I left the legal profession for a time due to a distaste for all things legal. In 2005, I returned to the practice of law on my own terms. I believe God showed me that I can make a very small impact right here in our little community. So, I take court appointments in guardianship cases, help families with wills, trusts and other stewardship issues and also assist small businesses with their legal needs. This is basic legal stuff, but it is fulfilling and an opportunity to serve.

This is the dilemma of many Mommies. How to intertwine several roles while always maintaining a family life that is God-oriented and peaceful?

Do I give it all up? Or do I try to balance it out by truly not accepting any more new clients? Or can I attempt to be Superwoman in a red cape and fall short on every responsibility?

This post falls under the 'other ramblings' category as it has little to do with foster care. Just thought somebody out there might have some suggestions....

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