Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome to our home, Baby Boy!

Little Boy Blue arrived this afternoon to a very warm reception. With beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, he really reminded me of both of our children when they were tiny. Our Covenant Kids case manager told us in advance that he looked a lot like my hubby... and she was right.

Budding Author was uncharacteristically quiet. I know he is already thinking about the questions; will he stay? how long? He was also a bit disconcerted about the quick surgery Little Boy Blue will have next week.

Little Mommy's question was simpler, "Mommy, how many more diapers do we change before he leaves?" And that boy/girl ratio is now all out of whack for her... Her second question, "When does the girl come?" I told her she would have to go ask her Daddy.

Permanency? We don't even know that word any more. His case is complicated and, in Texas, the goal is always reunification with the birth family, even until the very last minute when the Mom or Dad just cannot get it together. So, on our end, we simply love.

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