Thursday, May 31, 2007

A 3-Day Mommy

Covenant Kids called yesterday to see if we were willing to care for a 2-month old boy weighing only 6 lbs. and a 3-month old girl for 3 days. Their foster Mom had emergency surgery and needed a few days rest.

I was in the middle of a legal mediation, so, Alex actually took the call. He said 'sure'... even after he had just witnessed the retaining wall supporting our backyard crumble under the water pressure from all of our recent rain.

Honestly, I think these 2 jewels have kept our minds off of the fact that the insurance company isn't going to pay a cent. We haven't had time to contemplate the toll this is going to take on our savings account... will we even have a savings account after we rebuild the wall?

When I peek at this tiny, premature baby boy with a heart defect, I am reminded of the shallowness of my worry about a silly retaining wall and a savings account. And my worry turns to thanksgiving...

What will next week bring for our family? This is the craziness of foster care - one day our family looks one way and the next it looks completely different. Little Mommy (our youngest daughter) puts it this way... "yesterday we had 2 girls and 2 boys and today we have 3 girls and 3 boys." It is all about the ratios, you see. We wouldn't want there to ever be more boys than girls! I love that child!

May you be blessed today with sturdy retaining walls and faces of children surrounding you!

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Anonymous said...

I pray God keeps refilling your hearts so you will always have plenty of love to share.

from a crocheting friend