Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They Picked Us...

They picked us!! Our sometimes crazy, busy, country-living family was selected to be the permanent family for 12-month old Prince Caspian (Budding Author named this one - Narnia is on the brain.)

Yesterday felt like the day we found out we were pregnant with Budding Author and Little Mommy... an amazing sense that life is about to change in a huge way.

I got the call around 11:00 a.m... way before we ever expected to hear anything. The kids and I were out-and-about. Goose bumps were all over me... and just a feeling of total surprise.

So, here is what happens next. CPS sends us Prince Caspian's case file. We review it. They want to schedule our first visit with him at the beginning of August. There is an appeal time of 30 days which will expire July 28th. CPS wants to be able to give us information on whether an appeal was filed on the termination judgment.

If an appeal is filed, we will become his short-term foster parents. They expressed that the appeals almost never succeed because of the thoroughness of the termination process.

Prince Caspian will move in with us in mid-August... the transition is slow for his benefit. He has lived with his foster Mommy since birth and is attached to her. We will do what we can to facilitate an easy adjustment for him.

After he moves in, he will have to live in our home for 6-months before we can finalize an adoption. So, in 2008, we will officially be his Daddy and Mommy.

We are makin' plans! We are makin' lists! And, honestly, we are dreaming that something similar happens for Little Boy Blue.

Yesterday, we were making cards for Valiant Warrior and our Budding Author drew the picture above... hopefully, you will be blessed...

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Clay W. Ginn said...

Congratulations! Hope everything works out great.