Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Could it possibly be?

A 'straight adoption' opportunity has presented itself to us! We were selected as one of three final families to adopt a 1-year old boy. This appears to be the reason we have not been contacted about additional foster-to-adopt children.

We know almost nothing about the child... just that his foster mother describes him as 'blond-headed with beautiful blue eyes and just irresistible.' I'm really seeing a theme with the blond, blue-eyed boys here. Sounds great to us!

On Monday, CPS will have a 'selection staffing' which gathers all caseworkers and the agencies representing the three families that have been selected. This pow-wow will result in the three families being ranked in the order that they fit the child's best interest. Family #1 will have the opportunity to review the child's entire case file and then actually meet him. And, if all goes well, the next step is adoption 6 months after he is in a permanent home.

Could this be one of the ones? I suppose it is way too soon to hope for such things. However, we really love the idea of forever... that is why we started this whole affair after all.


Steve Sensenig said...

I'm excited for you!! :)

We've run into a few small delays in our licensing (some fire code issues we didn't know about). I'll try to post on them soon.

steve :)

christy said...

We'll be praying for you guys! Keep us posted :)