Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Go Little Boy Blue!

I watch Little Boy Blue in amazement... he has relaxed so much this last week. His little hand actually grabs the back of our arms when we are holding him. We can get his legs up almost to his chest. And, most importantly, he is beginning to turn his head when held to almost snuggle on our shoulders.

This last one is a huge milestone... when held, his default position is usually face mushed straight into the shoulder. He has no natural inclination to turn his head to the side and cuddle. Plus, his neck is so stiff that we can't move it to show him how to relax. But we do see signs of movement and some appearance that he is enjoying the closeness.

It is all about the little things in life, right?

Last night, he slept peacefully for almost 9 hours. We are so thankful. He is a big baby, in size. He eats more than enough. However, he has been swaddled since he was born. He is a swaddle addict. We joke that when he leaves for college, he'll have to make sure he has a roommate that is willing to swaddle him in each night before bed.

Since he is about to grow out of this swaddle thing, we are encouraging him to nap without it. Not a fun process for any of us. We are hopeful that he will have 'Two in a Row' tonight. We all function so much better on a full sleep tank!

And we haven't been called about another baby in over a week! We are surprised, but would actually love to see Little Boy Blue sleeping through the night before we add another to the mix.

Blessings to you on this beautiful day!

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