Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, Baby Girl!

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Dear Baby Girl,

It is that day where the new year peeks like magic over the horizon! The hope, the plans, the dreams. I remember one year ago so vividly. It was the time before you ... In those days, not so long ago, we hoped, we planned and we dreamed. Funny, we were so naive about our plans to adopt.

Last January, we prayed diligently about the child who would join our family. In February, you came. Our hearts were forever changed. You awakened within us a love for children without. You stirred a fire within us for children abandoned. You introduced us to the simplicity of love for children needy. Thank you.

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How are you, mi hija? I have no doubt that you are being loved and protected by your two big brothers. You are very lucky - every girl needs a big brother to look out for her! Are you walking around on those tiny feet? Is your hair long enough to put in a bow? Did you love Christmas? Did Santa bring you a special treat?

Much has happened since you left... not just one more child, but two have come our way. Budding Author & Little Mommy are as wonderful to these two boys as they were to you. It has been one of the very best years of our lives.

For you, on this New Year's Day, I pray:
  • That you will come to know the depth of God's great love for you;
  • That you will grow to be a healthy, happy young lady;
  • That you will cherish what you have of your family;
  • That our paths might just cross again one day, here or in eternity.
Baby Girl, your little life accomplished much for God in this family. You changed us. You changed me. There is a place in my heart that will forever have your name written all over it. My time with you was a very special gift from God.

May God hold you, dear one, in the palm of His loving hand.
Your Foster Mommy


Anonymous said...

Laura, I'm almost speechless . . . hard to leave a comment. Has it been that long already? almost a year? I'm very moved by what you wrote. I find myself praying for her as well, and rejoicing that God gave you and your family the time He did with that precious little girl.
much, much love,

H said...

My turn for the teary eyes.I make you laugh, and you make me cry.