Thursday, January 10, 2008

All in a Day's Living...

Yesterday afternoon, I thought myself prepared. It was that time again... doctor visits for the little boys. Prince Caspian's 18 month check-up and Little Boy Blue's 9 month. And I, once again, scheduled them back-to-back. Why do I do this to myself?

Side note ... Prince Caspian's immunizations are just a mess. He was in 2 foster homes; the first, provided zero records on whether he had 2 week or 2 month shots. The second, provided us with a shot record including 4 month shots and 12 month shots and nothing else. We love his second foster family. They are wonderful and obviously have their hands full with 7 kids at a time. So, after repeated requests to the former pediatrician's office for a complete records, we end up with the same information... we will have to start over.

Additionally, we recently received copies of Prince Caspian's birth records ... why weren't these provided in our initial file?? We discovered some information within them that require him to have blood work ... his Mom has Hepatitis C. This disease can remain dormant in children ... attacking without much notice. There is less than a 10% chance for it to have passed to Prince Caspian; nevertheless, we really would have liked to have had this information earlier. It would not have changed our decision by any means. If for some reason he does test positive, he could have future Medicaid benefits available that would not have been available if he were completely healthy. Follow that?

Back to the visit. Gratefully, Little Mommy wanted to go with me ... get this, she wanted to comfort them after their shots. I told you she was a Little Mommy.... complete with the nagging, hands on the hips and also a sensitive, protective nature toward these two. Thank you, God!! Little did I know how much I would need her help.

We hauled the double stroller out, a side-by-side one which barely fits through any door. We (I) filled out reams of Medicaid paperwork and wait. We move back into the exam room and Little Boy Blue begins to scream... and the screaming does not cease until we get back in the car almost 2 hours later... Weigh and measure the two littlest and wait some more. Waiting seems much longer when a child is unhappy. Where is Barney when you need him? So, there I sit with two half-naked boys (one exercising his vocal chords), a double stroller, a Little Mommy and a Big Mommy in a very small exam room... waiting.

The exams went fine and it was decided that both were also required to have TB tests and flu shots, since they are officially 'wards of the State of Texas.' So, we wait while the sweet nurses prepare all of this paraphernalia.

Little Boy Blue's shots went fine - he was upset anyway, so what are a few shots??

When the two nurses tried to take Prince Caspian's blood, they discovered that his chubby arms hold 'rolling veins' ... too much fat around those veins to be able to stab them with a needle properly. Thus begins the most miserable 20 minutes of my life. I try to hold him down while they literally dig around in his arm as he wails and writhes like a wounded animal. Meanwhile, Little Mommy is trying to get a peek at the action while comforting Little Boy Blue in the stroller who is also writhing and begging to be removed.

They tried Prince Caspian's other arm and blew a vein without getting enough blood for the test. The nurse looks at me and says 'Are you sure you want this test done?.' OK... Hepatitis C often requires a liver transplant in a young child. YES, I want the test done. However, I'd rather come back another day after my child has a chance to re-bond with me and be reminded that I am nurturing rather than torturous.

I believe my rescuer, my husband, will take the boys back tomorrow afternoon to have their TB tests read and attempt to locate a steady vein. Yes, I'm a chicken!

And for those of you who often ask, 'How do you do it?' ... You can see, often, I don't. But I sure keep on pluggin' ... Lori, my question to you is 'How did you do it with twins?' People do it all of the time, with multiples. But how?

I felt like a wrung-out, wet washcloth. Come to think of it, I still feel that way :) ... just kidding. I'm recovered from yesterday's trauma and just pray that my Strapping Scotsman has a better go at it tomorrow!!


Kerri said...

Oh my! There's little worse than what you described here . . . especially the ordeal with trying to find a good vein in Adam. So sorry. I have shot and blood horror stories that were very treacherous for both me and my children, but yours, my dear, takes the cake.

My prayers are with your hubby tomorrow and the little guys. I hope it's as quick and painless as possible, and I'm glad you don't have to be there.


twinbobo said...

I remember those days and I don't envy you one bit! It's not easy taking them to be poked and prodded on. It seems horrible at the time, and it is, but the nice thing is that the kiddos don't remember it, and thankfully, I don't remember much about it either. I guess it's because I'm approaching 40.

About having multiples....I was fortunate enough to always have someone with me (Guy, Mom, Angi, or Makenzie) when I took Gage and Grace to get their shots. I'm sure Arlee was a huge help! Imagine if she wouldn't have been there - poor Gabey would have been sitting there without anyone to comfort him!

I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again, you're a much stronger woman than me - - with a lot more patience! You've earned numerous jewels for your crown!

I wish Alex and the boys luck at the doctor today.

Love ya!

H said...

Stoic little Erin has rolling veins. I take her because it just kills her Daddy whether she goes for gigantic silent tears or screaming and writhing. Poor Adam, and poor you! I hope the next attempt will be less traumatic for all involved.