Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dreaming of a Garden

Today has just been breath-taking... this beautiful, warm day was unexpected. And I've enjoyed every minute of it!!

Before the sun ever even came up, I was poring through my favorite seed catalog, Seeds of Change, and circling the 'must-haves' for our garden this year. I drained my coffee cup completely and was wistfully hoping for a few more minutes of browsing when everyone popped into the kitchen. Good morning world!

Alex surprised me by taking Prince Caspian and doing all of our grocery shopping for the week. Since our school kicks off on Monday, he knew that I would have a lot to cram in along with the shopping. I'm a really happy Mommy at this moment. His selflessness allowed me to plant 200 bulbs with Little Mommy and almost finish organizing my 'teacher stuff.' Thank you, Alex!!!

So, back to the garden... we have a HUGE area tilled up that Alex is going to fence in this year. I'm dreaming of climbing beans, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers... and so on.

And then we have the peach orchard that gets better each and every year. When we first bought this place, the peach trees were very thirsty! It has taken several years to get them on track and this is THE year... I just feel it!

Last year, Alex found free grape vines which produced a bit last year and promise to deliver even more grapey goodness this year. The strawberry patch should be ready to knock my socks off this Spring!!

I'm also dreaming of what to do with all of the harvest!! I always do this ... I realize I shouldn't be counting my harvest before it is planted... yet, I must have a goal in mind. So, come Fragaria, Lycopersicon and Cucumis! And, welcome Spring... we are patiently waiting!


gracie :) said...

No wonder you're dreaming...I just heard on the news how warm it is our your way!! We are beginning to think towards our garden as well. Our seed catalogs are piling up, ready for our perusal. Dave got a hive for Christmas, and there is a beekeeping class starting next week, so we're looking forward to doing that also. Now we just need some of that warm weather to inspire us further! :)

Denise said...

Yes, I am thinking this will finally be my garden year. If you can manage all that with 2 babies, I think maybe I can handle my "beginner garden" with one. :)

Christy said...

This all sounds wonderful...and the way you describe it makes me wish that it wasn't 37 degrees here...but I can still dream!

Cynda said...

Maybe we should have a planting party. We can go to each other's home and share in the planting. Makes it easier to watch the little ones and get the seeds in the ground too. I can't wait for spring! My 2008 Park's Seeds is already looking well worn!