Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adventuring with God ...

Our Pastor and his wife, Kerri, are special friends of ours. They love the Lord and have always listened closely for His call in every area of their lives. Today, they announced to our church that they will be answering His call in accepting an appointment as missionaries to Caxias do Sul, Brazil. Big news for our church family. Big news for the Waits family, too.

Almost 4 years ago, when we moved out to the sticks, our biggest concern was finding a church home. We prayed and prayed and the first church we visited was Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship. We never visited another church.

Our church is a unique place. I would say that our congregation is made up of 'serious Christians.' By that, I don't mean serious people. We laugh and cut up more than most. (Remember that Chili Cook-off win by yours truly with the Gillespie handmade trophy!) But, we are all seeking to be closer to God. These people are the real deal in a world of imitations. And, at the helm, is our Pastor and his family. He is our teacher and the founder of this church.

So, it is with both sadness and excitement that we share in their news. We rejoice at God's mighty work in their family. They are facing an entire year of learning Italian AND Portuguese; no small task. I'll tell you this; they will be prayed for by their church family here in North Texas. Our prayers will be many on their behalf.

Please visit their blog, Adventuring with God. Go back and read how God has called this family gradually at some points and not-so-gradually at others. Share in their excitement and anticipation. And, if He speaks to your heart, join their prayer support. You will be blessed.

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Kerri said...

Wow Laura, thanks for your posting about us and God's calling into missions. Robert and I both feel honored by it. We love you and your family very much, and our church family as well. We are very blessed.