Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some Exciting News for our Blogging Friends

Two special friends, blogging friends, have some exciting things going on in their adoption experiences... I have to share, in hopes that you, too, will be blessed by their willing hearts and excited for the little ones who may join their families.

*Little Hope Giver at Love Each Child.
*Precious Jewel at For such is the Kingdom.

God is living and active in the lives of these folks! How amazing it is that we get to share in all that He is accomplishing through the lives of others!

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H said...

Your world is so very foreign to me. I remain amazed. I cannot say I would have willingly signed up to be a special needs parent. I am in awe of the faith required to step out in the way that your family and these others do. It is so very different from simply dealing with what comes like we do. What an inspiration to read of loving the Lord by loving his little ones. I badly needed the reminder of why I must keep going after major issues last night with the largest Lovey.