Saturday, November 3, 2007

God's Tapestry

Wow... do we feel loved and pampered! Today, hubby and I attended a foster/adoption training program sponsored by Tapestry ministry of Irving Bible Church. Actually, the conference was underwritten by 15+ churches of varying denominations. It is great to hear of the body of Christ coming together to create such an event. The Tapestry foster and adoption ministry has encouraged many other churches to form similar ministries to mobilize the body of Christ into meeting the needs of orphans here and around the globe. Very cool!

The day included the following: Breakfast, lunch, childcare and 6 training hours for foster parents... and it was all free! Yes, we feel loved.

When we first received word about the conference, I thought there had to be a catch. Given the challenge for foster parents to find babysitters, I was just sure that the free childcare was a misprint. Nope.

So, early this morning, we happily deposited Little Boy Blue and Prince Caspian with very qualified persons and enjoyed training sessions on some very weighty topics. Our day included conversations and education on these topics: Race & Culture, Open Adoption and Biological/Adoptive Sibling Relationships. There was also a very talented keynote speaker who has a heart for children coming from 'hard places.'

My brain is brewing about how to write on the topics we covered. We were convicted in many areas where we really thought we had our motives nailed down. It is beautiful the way God gently reminds us of what He is really accomplishing.

We came away from this event refreshed and energized after meeting families in very similar situations as ours... what a beautiful thing to see a true 'tapestry' of children from every tribe and nation and the families who love them.

People try to say that we are doing a good thing by fostering ... No, God is doing a good thing. He is doing what He does - loving little ones. We are merely the cracked vessels that He works through. It is all about His love... for the least of these.


christy said...

Sounds like a great day of encouragement! Glad you were able to be blessed in that way :)
I know what you mean about what people say about fostering. The comment I get a lot is: "A person really needs to 'called' to be a foster parent". hmmm...
I think what you say is true, that God is able to work though you. I think this is because you are willing to be used.
Have a wonderful day :)

Superdave said...

Your last paragraph is perfect. Gracie and I get kind of tired of people saying how lucky our Little Buddy is. We realize that we are the blessed ones, to be used by God, and to have the exquisite pleasure of his company.

Mary Grace said...

What a wonderful event--and what a beautiful perspective you share on God's grace and love being extended through those who are willing to say "yes."