Thursday, November 15, 2007

Changing Faces

We are getting new caseworkers all the way around. It appears very typical for caseworkers, even within private agencies, to be moved around, promoted and even exit on a frequent basis. This is difficult for families operating within the system.

New individuals do not know the intricacies of each case and it takes a certain period of ramp-up, which causes delays of all sorts. Our CPS caseworker for Little Boy Blue is being promoted... and boy, does she deserve it. She is a go-getter and will, thank God, still supervise his case throughout the legal process. Our Covenant Kids caseworker is getting shifted so that she does not have to drive as much. This makes us very sad. We love her and have grown comfortable with her monthly visits and her friendship.

There are certainly things which make this fostering business very difficult; a change in personnel is one of those things. Another of those challenges presented itself this week with sad news ... a baby who was in our care for respite over the summer passed away. I cannot comment any further, but we are grieving for everyone involved. We rejoice that precious little one is in the presence of God and we will gratefully get to attend his memorial service.

Without a doubt, fostering has been the singular most difficult experience of our lives. For our own ease and comfort, I'd really like to say 'no way, no more' after Little Boy Blue's case is finished. However, when I look back, I also see this time as huge in terms of the growth of our faith. There is nothing we could have done or asked for on our own which would have caused us to rely so heavily on the direction of God. We are being refined, whether we like it or not.


Mary Grace said...

So sorry to hear about your former foster son's passing!

christy said...

I understand your feelings about change. Being on the reverse side--the person working with a child that either ages out of a program or moves or due to changes in my life--I have experienced a loss of connection with children I have worked with on a daily basis. I try very hard to build relationships and when the circumstances of those relationships change, you leave a piece of your heart with that family. I am sure, in turn that you have experienced leaving a piece of your heart with those that have entered your home.
My thoughts are with you as you are grieving the loss of the precious child that was blessed to be in your home. We are praying for all the people involved.

May God's peace surround your family,
Christy :)

Steve Sensenig said...

Go check our blog :)