Monday, September 17, 2007

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Normalcy (however that word might be defined) has returned to our home. Each person's spot is now settled!

I've compiled a list of things that have changed and things that have stayed the same since our family has grown...

Changed Things:

  • Diapers... exponential growth in quantity.
  • Food... Prince Caspian is an extraordinary consumer. I cannot even imagine what teenage years are going to look like! We made our first family shopping trip to Sam's last Friday evening. What an event.
  • Going out... leaving the house with all of us is an adventure. I plan ahead and yet I always forget something.
  • Volume... things are loud and busy when everyone is at home and awake.
  • Comments... People stare at us all and eyeball the youngest two and ask 'now how far apart are they?' or 'are you done?'

Remaining Things:
  • I still have 2 children and a husband who are potty-trained... yippeeee. Let's look at the bright side!
  • My sleep is complete. I haven't missed a wink since Prince Caspian joined us.
  • I still adore my husband. We are partners in this labor of love... it would be impossible to explain the level of commitment he has for our family. As many of our old friends are separating or divorcing, I am SO grateful for the steady foundation that he provides our family.
  • This journey is one I still feel called to patiently complete. We don't know how many children or what our family will ultimately look like; however, the ride is as interesting as the destination!

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gracie :) said...

Enjoyed your compilation of life right now! I think having that kind of commitment in your marriage is so wonderful to see these days. There is something so secure in knowing you are TOGETHER on this journey, never having to second guess your love for one another. I look forward to see the end result of this destination...knowing that the joys and the pains will ultimately be worth ALL the effort of the path laid before your feet! You go, girl! :)