Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Still Reading...

For some reason, I feel compelled to report back on my summer reading. Yes, I still read... even with all of the activity around here. In fact, reading is my one indulgence (well, maybe Dr. Pepper, too.). I simply cannot wait to get to the end of a day and have even 10 minutes to myself to tackle that pile 15 books on my nightstand. I'm sure you pity my husband. Luckily, he usually has a book going, too.

So, here is what I have read this Summer:

Love Your God with All Your Mind by JP Moreland. This is now a classic for me. If I had read this book back in my twenties, I imagine so many things that would have fallen into place regarding my faith. Thank you, Mr. Moreland, for providing a book I will return to over and over.

Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher. Very interesting book on a segment of conservativism and how it plays out in everyday life.

The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls. You absolutely must read this book. It is the true story of one family who did not get 'caught' by Child Protective Services, but should have. The writing is excellent and it will make you laugh, cry and stand in unbelief, all at the same time. Thanks Mom for recommending this one!

Suite Francoise. Still not done. I've enjoyed a peek into France; however, seem to get bogged down. I'll keep on until I finish this one.

The Iliad by Homer. Read about half of it, then re-read parts of it with Budding Author as he studied Ancient Greece. Finished up by watching the movie, Troy. While there are some unnecessary parts to this movie which bothered me, overall it is an interesting portrayal of a possibly fictional event. Budding Author and I keep going back and forth on whether we like the Greeks or the Trojans best... after seeing the movie, I have a new appreciation for the Trojans, poor guys!

The Question of God: C.S. Lewis & Freud in a hypothetical debate. Very interesting read. This will stay on my shelves for our children to explore someday.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. A novel dealing with an ethical choice of a doctor which will haunt him forever. Excellent, quick read.

OK, what else? There were a variety of other library books and several others for our local book club. My memory fails me at the moment.

Humor me, sometimes I need to write about something other than foster care :) If you enjoy a good book with a cup of coffee, let me know what titles I must read this fall!


Clay W. Ginn said...

How To Ruin Your Life By 40 by Steve Farrar - Luckily, this is actually not a how to manual.

Transgression by Randall Ingermanson - Pretty good book, time travel story about a man trying to kill Paul in ancient Israel.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - You've probably never heard of it, but it was a good book.

Walking the Small Group Tightrope by Bill Donahue - Good book about leading small groups and the challenges faced therein.

I'm sure I've got at least a couple more, but I'm fried right now.

Superdave said...

I laughed when I saw your phrase, "that pile 15 books on my nightstand". Poor Gracie. She looked at my nightstand the other day, and thought to herself, "What is that nightstand?" Then she laughed as she realized that it was the same old nightstand, but she didn't recognize it because it didn't have a pile of books that almost touched the bottom of the lampshade, as is the case at times.

Gracie said, "You are going to like her post. She has 'Love the Lord with All Your Mind' at the top of her list." That book has been quite influential in my life beginning in 2002 when I went through a fairly intense time of understanding my faith. My question at the time was, "Why do I believe what I believe?" LTLWAYM was such a breath of fresh air to me when I felt like I was having a spiritual asthma attack. Also helpful at the time was "A Case For Faith" by Lee Strobel.

I just finished "The Illuminati" by Larry Burkett, a thought provoking and very entertaining book portraying a financial version of *almost* the end times.

I am currently reading two books: "These Strange Ashes" by Elisabeth Elliot about a year long mission trip to the jungle of Ecuador. Also "The Story of Christianity", a large tome by Justo Gonzolez describing in some detail the path that Christianity has taken throughout the last 2 millenia.

Then of course their is the occasional "dessert reading" (if it can be called "reading"): Calvin and Hobbs.