Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adoption Comes in Many Shapes & Sizes

This weekend, Little Mommy and I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower in honor of the adoption of a beautiful baby boy. His Mommy and I used to be in a bible study group a few years back, before we moved to the boonies. This baby has been prayed for in so many different ways by so many people. It was a privilege and blessing for me to hold him and see how those prayers have been faithfully answered.

The story of his life is a huge reminder to me that adoption comes in many shapes and sizes. The Lord provides safe homes for babies and children in a wonderful myriad of ways. Some families are created through domestic adoption (closed or open), some through international adoption, some through grandparent or other kinship adoption and some through the state foster care system. Some children are placed in families with no children, others are intentionally placed with new siblings. Some children are placed with their biological siblings, others are not. The most important part is not the means, but the end - a loving home in which to thrive.

The Texas foster care system is how our family will be woven and spun. When I look at Prince Caspian, and see how he 'fits,' I know it could have been no other way. My grateful heart dances today!

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