Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Days to Remember...

Not perfect days... just days to put away in the memory box to remember when these 4 little people become adults and venture off. Days to remember when things get quiet around here. Right now, I cannot fathom a quiet day.

Yesterday was rough... Prince Caspian's 2 eye teeth emerged and a previous diaper rash reared an ugly head. He was sad most of the day. As my Mom put it this morning, "You've been through this before as a Mommy of 2 others, so you know that it will soon pass."

And today is a new morning, but challenges remain. Prince Caspian is busy eating crayons, babbling in his special language and wanting to constantly eat! This boy can put away the groceries. I've never seen anything like it!

Meanwhile, Budding Author and Little Mommy are moving along. Little Mommy seems to feel a little left out. Today we moved her doll house down to the living room so that we can all play with her. Budding Author is challenged to get his schoolwork done amidst the chaos. I'm challenged on many levels... organization, patience, clean house, meal preparation, etc.

I would love to hear how your life is going... in fact, I need a breath from outside these four walls. :) Enjoy your day, whomever you are out there!

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Anonymous said...

This too is not only an adjustment for the ever loving Prince Caspian, but for you too. No matter how much planning you did, I don't think anyone can be fully prepared immediately for a toddler always on the move (not to meantion three others). The craziness will soon settle into routines for all. Take a deep breath and always know a break is just a phone call away.

Much love,