Friday, May 2, 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Plane... No, It Must Be a Flock of Coupons!

The oddest thing happened to me on Wednesday. It was almost so surreal that I have to check myself and determine if it really happened.

I have come to love coupons. Thanks to Wendy, I'm back in the Grocery Game. I used to play the Grocery Game years ago with Bobo, Angi & Ally, but then it just became too complicated when I moved to the sticks. With soaring grocery prices and great encouragement from Wendy, I have officially hopped back on board.

Over these last few months of clipping coupons, I've amassed millions of these paper gems. I've saved our family hundreds of dollars on groceries which makes for a very happy husband. These millions of 'coups'
were neatly organized by shopping category in a pink, plastic organizer that travels with me to the grocery.

OK.... so, Laura, get to the story! Wednesday morning I had about 45.2 minutes to shop for groceries and make a few more stops before heading to pick up the two little guys. So, I jump out of my car with coups and purse under my arm. I still don't know how it happened. I've replayed it over and over again in my brain wondering just how strong that wind could have been to dislodge my grasp.

What I
do remember next is hours of work clipping coupons literally flying from my arms and filling the sky one by one. My hands could not move; I was absolutely helpless to prevent further loss. The coups quickly filed out of my organizer like little soldiers headed for the sky.

And then it was quiet. The storm passed and the damage was complete. After a survey of the disaster, it seems that only the 'household' coupons mutinied, while the paper goods and cereal coupons were happy to remain under my watchful care. I may note that the 'household' section was my largest and most important collection. Alas.


Cynda said...

That happened to me once only it was a binder that fell out of the car when I opened the door. I'm sure I looked hilarious as I chased all over the parking lot chasing coupons and climbing under my car to reach the ones that I could.

gracie :) said...

I'm sorry for your mishap! One of those things that is laughable later, but certainly not funny at the time. have me curious about the Grocery Game now. I would love to hear how you have liked it! I'm in the "market" for saving on groceries. :)

christy said...

Oh my...I know how much work goes into cutting those coupons! At least you can laugh about it now...I'm sure, not so much at the time ;)
On a brighter note, paper goods and cereal come in very handy!

Holly (me.) said...

Did you give chase, or was this more of a "standing, jaw on the ground, eyes wide in amazement, watching them go" sort of a situation? I'm just currious because I have been the oddball running in a modified chicken-walk around the grocery parking lot attempt to rescue the brightly colored bit of confetti... er, coupons as they flit away...