Monday, April 7, 2008

Still In the Land of the Living ...

To blog or not to blog? Things are nutty with two toddlers; it is much different with another one walking about. My smiggens of time that used to be open for blogging are no longer. So, what to do?

Hmmm. I love to write. Sometimes I sort through issues by planning out a blog post. I've even printed off portions of the blog for Prince Caspian's baby book. How relieved was I to have my feelings on paper for him. And yet, if I cannot blog regularly, do I even continue?

I started this effort as a way to avoid mass e-mail to keep folks updated on our fostering journey. Today, there are rare times when I feel the need to update ... we have an adoption under our belts and one prayerfully on the way.

A dilemma, to be certain.

These days are full. So many things to appreciate; so many things to ponder; so many necks to hug and bottoms to wipe.

Here's hoping your corner of the world is sunny and your garden grows well, literally and figuratively speaking.


Steve Sensenig said...

I feel like we can relate somewhat. We only have one toddler, but there are a million things I would love to blog about if I had the time.

Write when you can. We'll keep checking every now and then. And we're still hoping we can get back to Texas (I lived there for eight years, in DFW and Austin) someday soon and meet you in person. What fun that would be!

Our social worker told us yesterday that Hope Giver's adoption might be final in a few weeks!!! :) We are waiting eagerly for the excuse to plan a big party.

In a way, I'm a bit envious that you actually got to enjoy a court date when you knew the adoption was being finalized. In our system, we find out after the fact, when the decree shows up in the mail. No picture with a judge, no celebration on the actual day (although we will then use that official date for future "Adoption Day" celebrations) -- just an envelope in the mail a couple of days after the fact.

But the adoption is just as real when it happens, so I'm not complaining too loudly! ;)

Holly (me.) said...

The blog is still a good means of updating people, and we can check back for those days when you have time to post. The blog will still be here unchanged unless you make it something new and different, but you just can't say the same about those kids! Enjoy the neediness of now.

Kerri said...

I do love to read your posts. Even though we see each other usually on a weekly basis, reading one of your posts is like having a conversation with you (one-sided and slightly dysfunctional on my part).

Now, as to why I am totally unqualified to leave you this comment . . . I've just about abandoned all my blogging efforts . . . of which you and my mother-in-law are my most devoted readers. I think once we have our house on the market I will have more time to resume.

I love you!


Lisa F. said...

I love to read your thoughts and wisdom. God has given you many gifts, amongst them is the gift of writing. Don't stress about blogging a lot. Just give us a note here and there if you can. We understand the busyness of taking care of small children and are thankful for this wonderful family God has given you. You are a treasure of a friend. Love you, Lisa